Nov 05

Blog Engage Rocks! I Won $250 from Its 6th Guest Blogging Contest

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. I won $250 from Blog Engage’s 6th Guest Blogging Contest with my entry:

How I Earned $1,700 Online in One Day; Tips for Newbie Bloggers.”

It’s the biggest amount I ever won in a contest. And yes, it’s cold cash, which was sent to my PayPal immediately by BE’s owner, Brian.

What’s awesome is that the contest does not stop there. A final competition opens November 15 with a whooping cash prize of $1000. Yes, Virginia, one thousand dollars in cash!

I’m qualified to join, but I have made some compromises, which I intend to honor. Friendship is still more important than all the money in the world.

You’re free, though, to visit Blog Engage and see for yourself the valuable services and benefits you can gain by becoming a member.

You can access the links for rest of the Winners’ Posts for November HERE.

The final Guest Blogging Contest will start November 15, so what are you waiting for? Read the details on Blog Engage.

As for the previously qualified contenders from contest 6 for the Final Showdown, here they are: (The winners for contests 1 to 5 are also included for the last contest, but some names are not included here.)

Prizes (Winners announced on Novemver 02nd 2012)

First Place – $250 USD
Second Place – $150 USD
Third Place – $100 USD

Our Guest Blogging Contestants are…

Maricel Maricel is a blogger and freelance writer for Bitrix24, the fastest growing social intranet that’s free for companies with 12 employees or less. When she’s not busy freelancing and performing her duties as a parent, she’s either watching NCIS reruns, trying to annihilate the competition in Tetris Battle or writing for her personal blog, Career Mom Online. View Contest Entry…

abhibalani My name is Abhishek Balani, my friends call me Abhi. I’m a computer science student and a future engineer. I share Best Blogging Tips on my blog Odd Blogger, a technology blog as well named Geek Odd Blogger. Follow on twitter @abhibalani and like us on Facebook. Be sure to add me as a friend on Blog Engage, OddBlogger. View Contest Entry…

kris I am a Computer Engineer by profession who specializes on software development. I know different programming languages like VB6.0, VB.NET, Python, PHP, Javascript and Java. In fact, I’m a hobbyist who just try to develop different programs just for fun. I love blogging too. Since I discovered the fun in blogging, it becomes one of my hobbies (next to programming). There are several blogs I started but I left them all since I started NooBite. View Contest Entry…

jena Hi, I’m Jena Isle and blogging has been a challenging but fulfilling endeavor for me. I’m an educator with a passion for writing, and I write for my educational blog Clin Chem Explorer, my health blog LabMedNews, and news blog Online Inquirer. I’m inviting you to join me in my thrilling journey. View Contest Entry…

Ehsan Ehsan Ullah is a 18 years old passionate Blogger from Kunduz, Afghanistan. He is the author of guideandnews.com blog. He has a complete series of guide on Starting a Blog for newbies. Connect with Ehsan Ullah on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. View Contest Entry…

karo Karo is in the business of content writing full time. Her interests for now is in make money blogging and motivation. On her primary site she writes to provide clarifications on make money blogging and guide the average beginner blogger properly on how to blog to make money with focus on the basics. She strongly believes you can achieve anything and everything you want from blogging without having to sacrifice one for the other. View Contest Entry…

Holly On a good writing day, Holly Jahangiri claims (tongue-in-cheek) to be channeling the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, Erma Bombeck, and O. Henry. On a bad writing day, she claims to have poured every last ounce of her creative ability and energy into childbirth, and has two wonderful children to prove it. You can find her on Twitter @HollyJahangiri, Facebook . View Contest Entry…

Arbaz Hi, I am +Arbaz Khan. I am quite passionate about blogging and here is my passion converted into a blog, TinyBlogger.net. Be sure to connect with me on social networks and add me on Blog Engage. View Contest Entry…

andrew Andrew Walsh is an academic librarian, webmaster, and founder of Social Web Q and A, an educational site about social media and technology. He recently published Savvy for the Social Web, a book that covers information overload, search tips and online productivity. You can also follow him on Twitter! View Contest Entry…

palmer Hey, hey! Mys is a branding copywriter. She blogs about Non-yawn inducing Branding and Business Truth . Connect with her on G +, Twitter and facebook for updates tailored to entrepreneurs with moxi! Don’t forget to add her as a friend too! myspalmer View Contest Entry…

Anil Anil Agarwal, who is a full time blogger from India, is the CEO of Bloggers Passion blog. He is offering guest blogging services, free WP installation and how you should be doing link building in panda and penguin age on his blog. View Contest Entry…

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  1. Maricel


    Congratulations! Like everyone else is saying, you deserve every dollar fair and square. Whether you know it or not, I learned a lot from you, too. :)

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks, Maricel. Good luck with your blogging!

  2. Larry James

    Congratulations on winning the contest Jena, and it has been great connecting with you on Blog Engage.

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks, Larry for your support. Indeed, it was great meeting you on BE.

  3. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com

    Hi Jen,
    Congrats on your first participation and first winning. Hope you win more of such contests 😉

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks, Enstine. I hope so too. Thanks again for your support.

  4. Shalu Sharma

    Congratulations to you Jean. You have done a good job. Well done.

  5. Jay Castillo

    This is really awesome news, congrats Ms. Jena! Although I feel a bit sorry that you won’t join the final competition, I truly admire that you put honor and friendship above money. Money is important, but only after honor and friends (and a lot of other things… hehe). Coming from the real estate world, I wish a few people I met along the way also had the same principles as you… but I digress too much. :-)

    Again, congratulations!

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks, Jay. There are priorities in life that we should consider.

  6. bbrian017

    It was hard work and long hours but you managed to do it! Congrats and best of luck in the 1000 USD contest. IT’s going to be a fun contest hopefully we will see more and more bloggers starting to join and participate.

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks Brian. It was, indeed, and I succeeded. I appreciate the warm welcome on Blog Engage. I was a first-timer but I won, anyhow! 😀

  7. Justin Germino

    Congratulations and to those of you who won other placements, I look forward to competing with everyone for the $1000 prize!

    1. Jean Walker

      Thanks, Justin. I look forward to it as well. Good luck on the next contest.

  1. Blokube.com

    Blog Engage Rocks! I Won $250 from Its 6th Guest Blogging Contest | Online Inquirer…

    Yes, you’ve read it correctly. I won $250 from Blog Engage’s 6th Guest Blogging Contest with my entry: “How I Earned $1,700 Online in One Day; Tips for Newbie Bloggers.” It’s the biggest amount I ever won in a contest. And yes, it’s cold cash, which wa…

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