Darren Espanto, Voted as the Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity for 2014

Darren Espanto, runner-up for The Voice Kids PH, has been voted as the Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity for 2014.

The “Total Performer”, as fans tagged him, garnered the most votes – ever, with more than 3 million total votes. It’s the most number of votes for any candidate since the contest has been established years ago.


Darren Espanto, Image credit: Darren’s Facebook Fans

Darren_Espanto - FB

Darren Espanto, Image credit: Darren’s FB account

This is not surprising, as Darren Espanto has captured the hearts of the young and old alike with his charming personality, sterling character and incredible talent. He has the dashing looks, as well.

He has toured the country and abroad entertaining his fans with his brilliant performances in his solo concerts. His renditions of “One Moment in Time” and “Domino” have earned more than a million views on YouTube. His popularity is steadily growing as he makes his interesting journey through Showbiz.

Although Darren resides in Canada, he’s a genuine Pinoy and can speak Tagalog fluently. He has no trouble communicating with his fans.

Below is the final result of the Philippines’ Most Loved Celebrity for 2014 contest.

1. Darren Espanto – 3,530,242
2. Kim Chiu- 3,134,119
3. Maris Racal- 2,017,162
4. Xian Lim- 1,040,889
5. Sarah Geronimo- 597,847
6. Jane Oineza- 576,022
7. Angel Locsin – 365,965
8. Kathryn Bernardo- 313,564
9. Daniel Padilla- 216,900
10. Julia Montes- 187,253

Darren Espanto has beaten Kim Chiu, who has topped the polls for 4 consecutive years – a phenomenal feat for a young man who has just started in the entertainment industry.

What’s next for this talented teen? Fans would surely want him to act in a movie where he would be the lead role.

Becoming an actor is the next possible step for him. His fans would support this move wholeheartedly, should he decide to do so.

Celebrities React to Manny Pacquaio’s Win Over Algieri; Mommy D’s Reaction

Manny Pacquiao wins over Chris Algieri in Macau in the biggest boxing fight of the year for the WBO Welterweight Championship.

Before the fight, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone greeted Pacquiao in his training room. Erica Jung was there to witness how Pacquiao outclassed Algieri.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Macau

Pacquiao vs Algieri Macau

Previously, Zou Shiming won convincingly against his opponent, and Pacquiao congratulated him through Twitter.

Algieri has been knocked down 3 times during the 6th round, and Pacman battered him all over.

Meanwhile, #PacquiaoAlgieri trended on #1 on Twitter, while Mommy D is doing her usual “prayers”, and she went around the ring displaying her rosary after Pacquaio was proclaimed the winner.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Mommy D in Macau

Pacquiao vs Algieri Mommy D in Macau

Manny revealed that he had trained well for the fight and had expected to win. His children wife, Jinkee, his parents and friends were all there to support him.

Here are some celebrity reactions:

Local celebrity Martin Nievera (@4eversinging4u) has lots of reactions on Twitter to the Pacquiao vs Algieri fight:

“Mayweather u have been called…”

“The most current “weather” report is a big “pacquiao” storm is coming.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted:

“Pumped to be here at the Venetian in Macau with @TheSlyStallone for the @MannyPacquiao vs. @ChrisAlgieri fight!”

Korea’s singing sensation SuperJunior tweeted:

“watching #PacquiaoAlgieri tweeting to Ben Baller wishing for #JessicaJung 2be focused & lastly mocking @ChrisAlgieri -A TOTAL ENETERTAINMENT”

Jasmine Villegas (@JASMINEVILLEGAS) congratulated the Pacman:

“congrats to manny pacquiao for an exciting awesome fight!! so humble and so deserving :) #proudpinay”

American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, has this to say:

“Congrats on the win @MannyPacquiao”

The original Pinoy Total Performer, Gary Valenciano, tweeted:

“MANNY!!! Thank u for this victory!! Once again uv reignited the hopes in the hearts of many Filipinos that need it. To Jesus be all glory”

The Filipino boxer once again proved that he’s here to stay as the Champion in boxing.

Pacquao Congratulates Zou Shiming for Winning by Unanimous Decision, Watch Live Updates

Manny Pacquiao congratulated Zou Shiming for his win via unanimous decision in retaining his title. Shiming’s boxing opponent, who is a look-alike of the Pacman, has injured Shiming’s eyebrow that caused bleeding and hematoma.

Pacquiao vs Algieri Macau

Zou Shiming wins

However, Zou Shiming won convincingly.

Pacquiao vs Algieri is the main event in Macau, and boxing fans are thrilled about it. Will Pacquiao win over the bigger and taller Algieri? Fans are positive he can.

Manny Pacquiao’s training has been extensive and intensive, so there’s no reason he cannot.

Meanwhile, Pacquio tweeted this message from his official Twitter account:

You can watch live updates at



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Sneak Peek Black Firday Deals,

Sneak Peek Black Friday Deals, Image credit: Sneak Peek


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You can shop till you drop but stay safe and good luck on your search for 2014 Black Friday Deals.

Darren Espanto, the Hallyu Star of the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – As Korean pop music and telenovelas increased in popularity around the world, the popularity of Darren Espanto, and the 1st runner up of the Voice of the Philippines Kids, also continues to increase.


Darren Espanto, Image credit: Darren’s Facebook Fans

Darren Espanto can compete with the likes of Hallyu stars, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun, popular Korean actors in Asia, including the Philippines. Lee Min Ho’s acting prowess has swept the country via his starring roles in several blockbuster TV series such as: “Boys over Flowers” and “The Heirs”, while Kim Soo Hyun starred in the recent Philippines’ TV hit, “The Man from the Stars.” Darren has that handsome “slanted” look, and star quality that will make him more famous as these Korean stars, as the days go by.

Darren Espanto is tagged as the Total Performer because of the brilliance he demonstrates on stage by his sterling performances. Gary Valenciano was the original title holder of the title, and now it’s befitting that Darren receives the accolade, as well.

Darren may not be the winner of The Voice, but he is the most popular among the five finalists, and is the only Voice Kids’ finalist who has performed in concert all over the country. His recent homecoming concert back in Edmonton, Canada was well attended.
Darren Espanto, who is only in his teens, has captured the hearts of young and old alike through his charisma and superb performances. It is inevitable that he’ll soon be filming movies too.

Meanwhile, an original song writing contest is conducted for fans out there, who would want to compose a song for Darren. The mechanics are found on Darren’s Facebook page. The criteria are: Originality = 50%, message of the song = 30% and Facebook likes = 20%. Fans who are interested may join by visiting www.facebook.com/OfficialDarrenEspantoWorld.

Star Wars VII Title Revealed: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

The title of Star Wars VII is finally revealed, and it is: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The much awaited seventh film will be released in theaters in December 2015. According to news reports, episode VII will originate from the story of “Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi”. The last film was released in 1983, and after 30 years, another film has evolved.

Avid fans of this epic saga are thrilled that “Star Wars” will be back on their screens in 2015. “Star Wars” has been a blockbuster around the world attracting the young and old alike. Now, the younger generation will have a chance to watch the brilliance of George Lucas and J.J. Abrams.


Star Wars Saga

The original actors Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princes Leia) will appear in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Lupita Nyong’o, who won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress, also stars in this new Star Wars film.

Fans are looking forward to the plot of the story. Will it involve an offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia? Or will the plot revolve on Mark Hamill’s child? The new digital images will also be something that fans await with bated breath. With the explosion of computer technology and digital images, this new film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will surely surpass the previous Star War films in terms of story, visual and audiovisual effects.

In terms of box office results, it will be apparent that this new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will equal or surpass the previous box office results of the 6 films of this saga. This is because the major original cast was retained, together with the director and the creator of the original series.

This will ultimately be known on December 2015. If you’re a fan, check back later for updates on this new “Star Wars” film.

Opening Prayer for Meetings

Father in heaven, we’re gathered here to discuss important issues of our company.

Grant that everyone present here today, would contribute whatever they can.

May we all put aside our individual differences and act as one for the greater good of many.

Enlighten our minds that we can resolve our problems the way you would want us to.

Make us realize that we’re here not only for ourselves but for other people as well.

Thank you for all the blessing and love you’ve accorded your humble servants.

May we leave this room more united, cooperative and glad with each other’s company.

May our company serve as your instrument to spread peace and love.

All these we ask through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

opening prayer for meetings

opening prayer for meetings

Arnel Pineda, Journey’s Frontman, Spearheads a New Project, Asian Music Camp to Find Asia’s New Singing Star

MANILA, Philippines – Arnel Pineda, Journey’s frontman, has spearheaded his recent project, Asian Music Camp, to find Asia’s new singing star.

Arnel Pineda with Rene Walter of Sanre Entertainment held a press conference last October 25, 2014 at the Shangri-la Garden Room to talk about this exciting project that will provide unknown talented singers a ticket to stardom.


Arnel Pineda with Journey

On his Twitter account, the international rock star tweeted:

“Your journey to stardom begins here.”

Arnel Pineda has a special place in his heart for singers who have talent but don’t have the connection, because he was in the same predicament for more than 20 years until the American rock band, Journey, discovered him from YouTube. His incredible story from rags to riches and fame is phenomenal that it is considered the greatest rock band story of all times.

Pineda’s humility in spite of his fame and fortune is also refreshing and admirable. Most people would change amidst the accolade they receive, but not Arnel; he remained humble, unassuming and down to earth; loyal to his fans and to his family. Journey just concluded their successful Live Tour this year, 2014, but fans are again ready for another tour in 2015.

Interested parties can start submitting their videos online starting January 1, 2014 to March 311, 2015 at the Asian Music Camp website. There will be four rounds of the competition: the qualifying round, semi-final round, Face off round/TV season premiere and the final round/TV broadcast round.

If you belong to a band and think you can sing, this is the break you’ve been waiting for. You can join the Asian Music Camp competition. Who knows? You might be the next Arnel Pineda of the new generation.

Know more about the basic requirements and rules of the contest from the Asian Music Camp website here.

You can also follow Arnel Pineda’s official Twitter account at @arnelpineda, and his website at arnelpinedarocks.com.

“Gangnam 1970”, Film of Lee Min Ho, Features a Part of Freddie Aguilar’s Song “Anak” in Its Trailer (Video)

The “Gangnam 1970” movie of popular Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, features a part of Freddie Aguilar’s song “Anak” in its trailer.

Lee Min Ho Gangnam Blues

Lee Min Ho, Image credit: Lee Min Ho’s Facebook page

Gangnam 1970, previously titled “Gangnam Blues”, is the next big film of “Boys Over Flowers” popular actor Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho also starred in the recently concluded Korean series, “The Heirs”. His popularity has grown all over Asia, including the Philippines.

Lee Min Ho has visited the Philippines several times and has grown a huge fan base in the country.

With the inclusion of a few lines of “Anak” in the “Gangnam 1970” trailer, his Pinoy fans are apparently thrilled and happy. Min Ho played a more mature role in this film, which is totally different from his previous “boy next door roles.”

Watch the “Gangnam 1970” trailer below and listen to Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” on the first few seconds of the trailer. Video is courtesy of Fan Lee Min Ho.

Prayer before a Program

Dear God, we’re all gathered here before you for this activity.

Thank you for all the generous blessings you have granted us.

May you bless anew this activity so that the goals set by the organizers will be met.

May you grant wisdom and knowledge to all participants that through this undertaking they can serve you more through other people.

May everyone realize that all these would not be possible without your blessings.

As we leave after this activity, may we continue to spread love and peace to all people.

All these we ask in your mighty name.


An Opening Prayer for graduation

An Opening Prayer