Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, is the Grand Prize Winner on the 2014 X Factor Australia Show

The Grand Prize winner on the 2014 X Factor Australia is 15 year old Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan. Punzalan auditioned as a timid, budding singer at first, and rose to be a polished singer that she is today.

It was a phenomenal journey for her. Television viewers watched her transformation to the grand champion on X Factor Australia.

Marlisa Punzalan Grand Finals Twitter

Marlisa Punzalan Grand Finals winner on X Factor Australia Image credit: Marlisa’s Twitter page

Coach-Judge Ronan Keating has a lot to do with Marlisa Punzalan’s winning form. The Filipino communities around the world are apparently proud of Marlisa’s win.

Congratulations Marlisa Punzalan for winning the X Factor Australia crown.

Marlisa thanked her supporters on Twitter. Watch the video below of the grand final results on X Factor Australia.

Watch Video: Marlisa Punzalan Dances the Igorot Dance with Coach Ronan Keating on X Factor Australia Grand Homecoming

The race for the X Factor Australian winner is on and Marlisa Punzalan together with the other two Top 3 contestants had an awesome homecoming.

Marlisa Punzalan went back to her school to a cheering audience and to her home where her parents, grandparents and friends showed their support for the 15 year old Pinay.

Marlisa Punzalan Top 3 X Factor Australia Grand Finals 2014

Marlisa Punzalan Top 3 X Factor Australia, Image credit: Marlisa’s FB page

Marlisa danced one of the most famous Philippines’ local dances the Igorot Dance with her Coach, singing superstar, Ronan Keating. They even went to Marlisa’s math class where Ronan sat down and replied to some questions the math teacher asked.

Ronan Keating and Marlisa Punzalan, apparently, enjoyed their time together. Watch the video below of Marlisa’s homecoming as one of the Top 3 contestants on the Grand Finals of X Factor Australia.

Watch: Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, Performs “Stand by You” on Top 3 of X Factor Australia

Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, has advanced to the Grand Finals or Top 3 on the X Factor Australia singing competition. Marlisa is only 15 years old and is the only Filipino in the competition.


Marlisa Punzalan, Image credit: X Factor Australia

Her coach, Ronan Keating, has high hope she would win the reality singing competition. The X Factor Australia judges were all praises for Marlisa. She was given a standing ovation. Marlisa’s song “Stand by You” is expected to be a hit.

Redfoo can’t help but say: “I think you got yourself a hit there. You got a hit, little lady. Now all you need to do is win this thing.”

The most touching comment came from Marlisa Punzalan’s coach. Ronan Keating said:

“Who you are is very endearing…Right now, it’s about authenticity…you’re not affected by the bright lights and the fame of this show…They say good guys, or good girls, finish last. I don’t believe that. I hope that’s not the way it’s gonna be tonight. If this is my last year on the show, I hope I can leave with a worthy winner, you. Well done.”

The Top 3 Grand Finals contestants are:

Dean Ray
Marlisa Punzalan

Watch the video of Marlisa Punzalan singing her first single “Stand by You”, courtesy of J!MZ07.

Watch: Awesome “Centerpiece” Surprise of Groom for His Bride during Wedding Reception

The unique surprise of a groom for his bride during their wedding reception has made their wedding reception an amazing and exceptional experience for their friends and family.

John, the groom, made Irene, her wife, as the “centerpiece” of his life. Their guests were pleasantly surprised by John’s surprise to his wife, Irene.

The bride couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. It’s beautiful to watch how newly-weds love each other so much. Hopefully, this love will transcend time and space and will last “till death do us part.”

Watch the video below of John and his awesome surprise to his wife, Irene, courtesy of Blue Kite Cinema.

Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, Makes It to the Top 4 of X Factor Australia 2014

Pinay, Marlisa Punzalan, has made the cut to X Factor Australia 2014 Top 4 on its week 9. Marlisa advanced together with the other three contestants:

• Dean Ray
• Reigan Derry
• Brothers3

Fifteen-year old Marlisa Punzalan sang “Titanium”, which made three of the judges stand in applause. All of them heaped praises for Marlisa’s outstanding performance.



Marlisa Punzalan, Image credit: X Factor Australia


Caitlyn Shadbolt was eliminated from the Top 5 list and was voted off.

Will the Filipina lass advance to the Grand Finals of X Factor Australia 2014? Check back later to read updates about the competition. Watch the video of Marlisa Punzalan performing “Titanium”, courtesy of X Factor Australia.

Anne Curtis’ Hollywood Movie “Blood Ransom” Trailer Released

MANILA, Philippines – The trailer of Anne Curtis’ Hollywood movie “Blood Ransom” was released on September 28, 2014. “Blood Ransom” also stars Alexander Doetsch and Caleb Hunt.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis

The film will premiere on October 29, 2014 in Philippine theatres and on October 31, 2014 in North America.

Anne Curtis is an award winning actress who has starred in blockbuster hits in the Philippines’ cinema such as, “No Other Woman”, “The Gifted” and “Babe I Love You.”

Curtis is also a bankable TV star with countless telenovelas (TV series) to her name, a popular celebrity endorser, and a singer; she recently won the Female Concert Performer of the Year from 44th GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards.

Anne Curtis plays the role of the mysterious Crystal opposite Jeremiah played by Alexander Doetsch.

Watch the trailer of “Blood Ransom” below, courtesy of Blood Ransom.

Ben Affleck Defends the Philippines in TV Show: “You criticize the people doing it not the Philippines”

In a “Gone Tour” promotion Ben Affleck defends the Philippines, saying: “You criticize the people who’re doing it not the Philippines. The Filipinos on the street have nothing to do with that.”


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck


This is in response to one of the comments of a panelist who said:

“If Filipinos were capturing teenagers and sending them into white slavery…”

To which Ben Affleck replied:

“You criticize the people who’re doing it not the Philippines. The Filipinos on the street have nothing to do with that.”

Ben Affleck said this after a heated argument about ISIS and the Muslims, where the famous actor and director expressed his sentiment about racist comments from one of the panellists of the program.

Ben defended the Islam religion by saying that people should not generalize.

Watch the video below.

President Aquino’s Government, Lambasted by Young People during his visit in the US

MANILA, Philippines – President Noynoy Aquino and his government was lambasted and criticized by young people during the Q & A portion in one of PNoy’s appearances in the US.


President Aquino PH

President Aquino PH


The video went viral on Facebook but there was no news about this in local TV stations – news blackout?

Presently, it has 351,220 views, and is expected to increase in number.

One young man asked:

“There are still people who don’t have anything to eat…and you say that…”

The reply? “Next question please…”

A brave young woman took it from there, and stated that the millions of Haiyan donations went to the pockets of government officials.

Afterwards, the two young people chanted several times:

“No justice, no peace, stop the killing in the Philippines.”

Watch video below:


Popular Tennis Player, Maria Sharapova, Tweets about Mystery Man on Plane Reading an Article about Her

Popular tennis player, Maria Sharapova, tweeted about a mystery man on who was reading a newspaper article about her while aboard a plane. Sharapova was right behind the man, who has no inkling at all, that the Top Russian athlete was right behind him.


Maria Sharapova behind man reading an article about her

Image credit: Maria Sharapova on Twitter


Maria Sharapova may find the incident amusing because she tweeted a picture of the man who was reading the article.

Here’s the tweet of Maria Sharapova:

Who is the man? It would be a pleasant surprise if he comes to know that he became an instant celebrity on Tweeter because of Maria Sharapova. Fans would probably go on a manhunt online to learn the identity of this mysterious reader.

Norte, The End of History, a Film by Lav Diaz, is the Philippines’ Entry to the Oscars

MANILA, Philippines – Norte, The End of History (Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan), a film by Lav Diaz, is the Philippines’ entry to Oscars’ Best Foreign Film category. It will compete with other films from all over the world.
Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan stars Angeli Bayani and Sid Lucero. The film received a number of accolades from local and international critics, and is expected to do well in the said category.



Image credit: Norte, The End of History

The winner for the Oscars will be announced on February 22, 2015. Watch the video below, courtesy of Norte, The End of History, and read the wonderful comments of people around the world.