Tips for better Communication with your Spouse

Communication comes from the French root word “communicare” meaning to unite or to impart, so when couples communicate, they should be able to impart or share the information correctly. Language is considered man’s greatest invention, and if it were not for language, nothing would have come out of humanity. Likewise, in a marriage, proper communication is what would keep the bond stronger and long lasting.


couple's communication

couple’s communication


You and your spouse may speak the same language, but if you do not “communicate” properly, then problems would occur. There are certain rules observed in proper communication. Although these may not be applicable in some instances, couples should practice these significant pointers, whenever they can.

1. Face each other when talking

Make it a point to look at each other’s eyes when talking. Take time to sit down and face each other. If you cannot spare the time to sit down, then at least, face each other. Facing each other will help you detect non-verbal clues. A raised eyebrow, a smirk, a smile, and a frown could all mean more than the spoken words. If your spouse says “yes,” but has a frown on her face, then consider it as a “no.” Reading non-verbal cues will help a lot in understanding each other.

2. Be honest with your statements

Speak the truth at all times, unless it is a question between life and death. Be honest with your statements. If you would like to communicate properly and share a long lasting relationship, then tell your partner what you truly feel.

3. Pay attention to your spouse

Pay attention when your spouse is talking. Stop what you are doing and really listen to what is being said. It also shows that you value your spouse’s thoughts and ideas.

4. Ask follow up questions

Clarify what your spouse said by asking follow-up questions. Sometimes, misunderstandings occur because the information was not transmitted accurately. This can be prevented when you understand correctly what your spouse wanted to share.

5. Communicate in the “same language”

You may both speak English fluently but it does not mean you have communicated successfully. Make sure that you are referring to the same thing with the terms you are using. It also means communicating when the spouse is receptive for your message. If the mood is not right, then choose another time to do it.

6. Be positive with your statements

You can say, “I prefer blue,” instead of saying, “I don’t like yellow.” You can say, “Remember the cheese,” instead of saying, “Don’t forget the cheese.” Positive statements attract positive vibes. Researches have proven that cultivating an optimistic behavior contributes to a happier person to more successful relationships.

7. Never shout unless the house is on fire

Vital messages are more effective when you convey them in a clear but modulated voice. Shouting would render your spouse deaf, and he or she may leave you instead of listening. That is why when you are angry, you have to cool down first before opening your mouth.

You might say things you do not really mean because you are angry. You may apologize afterwards but you can never take back the words you have spoken, and spoken words hurt more than physical abuse.

There are still numerous pointers for a better communication. The important thing to remember is that your spouse is your partner whom you should trust and communicate openly. Couples who communicate properly are always happier and they usually maintain meaningful and longer relationships.

Catholic Meal Time Prayers

Prayers are essential to any religion because this is the moment in which believers could have a more personal encounter with their God. For Catholics, praying is also a way of life.


Prayers before meals

Prayers before meals


Priests encourage praying as a Catholic’s hotline to God. It is also through prayers that Catholics can thank God for his continuous provision of the nourishment they need for their bodies.

Praying knows no boundaries and limits; people can pray anytime, anywhere and in whatever method they prefer. Devout Catholics usually do not miss the following prayers: morning prayers, grace before meals, and bedtime prayers.

Some Catholic lunch time prayers that you can use are the following:

Prayer #1 – This is the most common lunch time prayer used by millions of Catholics all over the world.

“Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to receive from your bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Prayer #2 – You could adapt this prayer during group lunch times because it is broader in scope.

“Lord, we thank you for the food prepared for us this lunch. We thank you for bringing us together in this table to celebrate your unending generosity and blessings. May you bless the hands that prepared this food, may they reap back the blessings of your grace. May you continue showering your blessings to all those who are gathered around this table, and the families they left behind. We also pray for people around the world that they may have the same blessings we have right now. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Prayer #3 – You could use this prayer in small family gatherings during lunch time.

“Let’s bow our heads and thank God for His blessings. Heavenly Father, thank you for the food you have blessed us with today. Thank you for the patient and loving hands, which have prepared this bountiful feast. May you bless each member of this family that through this food we could nourish our body and soul as well. Amen.”

Prayer #4 – This lunch time prayer is intended for meetings.

“Lord, as we gather around the table to partake of your blessings, may you with food nourish both our body and souls. May the strength coming from this nourishment be an instrument for us to fulfill the goals we have set up in this meeting. We ask all this in your mighty name. Amen.”

You can modify these lunch time prayers to suit the occasion. What counts is for you to sincerely thank God for the food provided on your table.

Secrets of the Naturally Thin

Being naturally thin does not involve a complex scientific equation. The formula is very simple: calories in should be equivalent to the calories out. This indicates that you should take in only the calories you need for the day, and not ingest more than what is necessary.



Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, Image credit: Miss Universe 2013


This is because the excess or unused calories that are stored in your adipose tissues would eventually lead to obesity.

The calories required daily for each person vary according to his lifestyle, and his Basal Metabolic Rate. The Basal Metabolic Rate is an individual’s ideal weight based on his height and age.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and sit all day long, then you should limit your calories by selecting foods low in calories. On the other hand, if you are physically active, then you have to choose foods, which could supply the energy that your body needs. The minimum daily calorie requirement for an average person is 1,200 calories.

To learn more the secret of being naturally thin, you have to understand the following concepts:

Each person’s trait is influenced by his genetic makeup and environmental factors.

Previously, researches point out that a person’s obesity is inherited from his parents, and there is no way he could counter it.

However, a recent study in Norfolk by the Epidemiology Unit of the Medical Research Council found out that a physically active lifestyle could reduce a person’s risk of obesity by 40%.

If you could not help but eat those extra servings of sweets, then you should find a way to get rid of the extra calories through physical activities, such as exercise.

Most vegetables and fruits have fewer calories.

You could also eat more of vegetables and fruits, because they have fewer calories. They also contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Aside from these healthy substances, they are also rich in fibers, and have anti-toxin properties.

If you could not burn excess calories, you can stay naturally thin by limiting your intake of carbohydrate and fats, and increasing your vegetable and fruit servings.

You could refer to a food calorie counter, and a calorie burn calculator to determine if the calories you took in have been properly eliminated.

Remember, the secret formula is to burn off the calories you have taken in so that these would not be stored as fat deposits, which could cause obesity.

If you have inevitably eaten more that you should, then you just have to reduce your intake of food the next day, and exercise more. Keeping these facts in mind, and leading a healthy lifestyle would help you achieve your goal of being naturally thin.

Journey Rock Band with Frontman, Arnel Pineda, a Big Hit in Puerto Rico

Journey rock band with frontman, Arnel Pineda, was a big hit in Puerto Rico as the band sang to jam-packed crowds on their 2015 world tour.


Arnel Pineda with Journey

The audience danced and sang with Pineda as they crooned the hits of the band such as, “Faithfully”, “Don’t Stop Believin”, “Anyway You Want to It”, and many more.

Journey has still retained its popularity through the years with the help of its talented frontman, Arnel Pineda. The band would not have moved forward without him.

While Arnel Pineda sang “Faithfully” the audience can’t help but sing along with him. It was a nostalgic and brilliant performance.

From his official Twitter account, Arnel Pineda expressed his happiness:

“Good day folks & Puerto Rico! I can safely say now that asthma didn’t stop me frm rocking w/ you all last night. Hope u all had fun, despite.”

He must have had his asthma attack. Nevertheless, it was not noticed by the enthusiastic crowd who jubilantly clapped their hands and shouted their approval.

Pineda also tweeted after his performance at the Rock Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

“Your voices filled up the Coliseo like a giant thunder Puerto Rico.. Mesmerizing indeed!!”

“Puerto Rico!!! Your LOVE is on FIRE! We are truly grateful! Gracias..”

For fans who want to follow Arnel Pineda on his Twitter account you can search for the handle @arnelpineda on Twitter.

Indeed, Journey is here to stay to rock on and entertain their millions of fans all over the world.

Watch Journey perform before a Puerto Rican audience. Video courtesy of Eliu Duran Jr.

Memory Destroying Foods You Should Never Eat

Our memory is one of the most significant aspects of your cognitive abilities. If you lose it, you would be likened to a damaged computer that could not recall or store data for future use. Memories also make life meaningful because the lessons learned from your experiences are stored and are priceless treasures as time goes by.


brain foods not

Image credit:


Unknowingly though, some people are not aware that through the food that they eat, they inadvertently destroy their memories gradually. Be a smart eater and learn about the five memory destroying foods that you should avoid.

#1 – Milk from animals treated with hormones

Milk coming from hormone-treated animals can cause cancer and eventual memory loss. This is
because the recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) given to cattle to increase their milk production adds to the naturally existing hormone in the body. Elevation of this hormone could cause colon, breast and prostate cancers.

The natural Growth Hormone (GH) comes from the anterior pituitary, and is stimulated by Growth Hormone Inhibitory Hormone (GHIH) from the hypothalamus. These are vital parts of your body, which could affect your memory function. Read the labels of milk products to ascertain that they come from trusted providers.

#2 – Popcorn that has been microwaved

Microwaved popcorn could be contaminated with the perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA found in your popcorn bag because of evaporation. Based on research, PFOA is a harmful substance that may cause cancer in the testicles, pancreas and liver.

They could consequently affect your memory because any sickness in any part of your body affects your memory. When your testicles are painful, you could have difficulty recalling information.

#3 – Farmed Salmon

Farmed salmon can be a memory destroying food because caretakers may treat the salmon with antibiotics and pesticides, which could be absorbed into the salmon’s skin. Pesticides are not meant for human consumption because they have harmful effects on the body, like obesity and diabetes.

Having a dose of antibiotics from contaminated salmon is also detrimental because it could damage the body. DDT, a type of organophosphate pesticide, has been found in post-mortem brain samples of people with Parkinson’s disease. DDT has been found out to kill brain cells as well, especially in children.

#4 – Refined sugars

Refined sugars may look clean and pure, but these are unhealthy foods, which could cause a lot of pathologic conditions, including memory deterioration. Glucose, a simple form of sugar, is an essential food for the brain, but when taken in excess and with preservatives, it is dangerous to your health.

You could eat the unprocessed form instead, or eat fruits for your sugar source. Most processed foods are not good for the health. You do not need refined sugar because the carbohydrates that you take in are sources for your sugar too.

#5 – Fatty fast foods

According to studies, fatty fast foods damage the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is an essential part of the brain; it is the center of the Central Nervous System (CNS). It is responsible for proper brain function.

When the hypothalamus is damaged, your memory would be impaired too. Fatty fast foods could also shrink the brain that could make you prone to Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a condition in which there is deterioration of the person’s memory function.

These are the 5 memory destroying foods that you should avoid, if you want to maintain a sharp memory and hone your mental skills. Eating the right foods is not only good for the brain but also for the whole body.

Watch: Pinoys, Moymoy Palaboy (Rodhil) and Fe Garcia, a 54-Year Old Woman, Get Standing Ovation on Asia’s Got Talent

Pinoys, Moymoy Palaboy (Rodhil) and Felicitas Garcia, a 54-year old vegetable vendor nailed Bonnie Tyler’s song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and got a standing ovation from the audience on Asia’s Got Talent.

Three judges, singers Vanness Wu, Anggun, and Melanie C were impressed by the odd couple and gave their nods to the duo, while David Foster said “no” because he did not approve of the combination.

“You may be 18 or 21, age doesn’t matter, you sang it great,“ Foster further stated about Fe Garcia.

When David Foster asked Fe if she would be willing to leave Rodhil behind and make it solo, Fe refused, saying: “But he is my partner.”

The audience applauded her decision to stay loyal to her partner, Rodhil.

Another Pinoy group, the Junior New System, rendered a brilliant dance performance that impressed the audience and the four judges. They earned a standing ovation from the four judges and the audience.

David Foster, himself, acknowledge that the Pinoy dance group, gave a world class performance, and that “Junior New Sytem, Asia’s Got Talent has been looking for you! There’s not an act from America from Beyonce on down that would love to have you guys behind her.”

Judge Vaness Wu had only admiration for the Philippine dance group.

“Junior New System is a name that I’m going to remember. You guys had the power moves, you guys had the attitude, you guys had the flair and it was just very unique in the sense that you were very original in what you guys did, so great job. Mabuhay!”

Philippines’ Junior New System got four “yesses” from the judges.

Ten-year old, Gwyneth Dorado, also received another standing ovation from the judges and audience when she nailed Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Asias Talent:

AUF Graduate, Ace Pasion, Tops Med Tech Boards on March 2015

ACE WILLIAM GOPEZ PASION, an Angeles University Foundation (AUF) graduate, has topped the March 2015 Med. Tech. Board Exams with an average of 89.80%.

Known to his friends as Ace, he graduated with honors and had always been an A-student during his college years at the premier university in Angeles City, Pampanga.


MT boards 2015

MT boards 2015


Along with Ace Pasion in the Top 10 are the following examinees:











Only Saint Louis University has 3 board topnotchers this March 2015. There were 1,419 med tech board passers out of 1,942 examinees nationwide. The date of the oath taking of the new medical technologists will be announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) later on its website.

For the complete list of med tech board passers you can click the link below to access the full list.

Complete list of March 2015 Med Tech Licensure Exams passers.

Movie Review: “Crazy Beautiful You” Starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo

“Crazy Beautiful You” comes out swinging in the Box Office for a low budgeted film. It has already grossed more than P110 million in the Philippines, alone. Daniel Padilla, the teen idol that girls go crazy over, has definitely found his footing in his role as Kiko, a youngster in Tarlac, who has been tapped as the coordinator for a Medical Mission in one of the Aeta Villages.



Image credit: Star Cinema


Daniel Padilla plays opposite his favorite leading lady, Kathryn Bernardo, who has also matured into a lovely, young actress. She plays the role of Jackie, the rebellious daughter of Dr. Lea Serrano, played by Lorna Tolentino.

Some of the cast members include Gabby Concepcion as Mayor Alcantara (father of Kiko and Marcus) and Inigo Pascual as Marcus Alcantara, the half- brother of Kiko.

In addition, the story written by Rory Quintos and screenplay by Bianca B. Bernardino and group was simple but good. Coupled with Moises Lee and Dan Villegas’ cinematography, “Crazy, Beautiful You” came out a winner.

The Plot

The story has various (moral) lessons that viewers can glean. It depicts the reality of many Filipino families now, broken and hurting. Yet, every individual responds to the pain in different ways.

The story revolves around a Medical Mission conducted in Tarukan, one of the Aeta Villages in Tarlac, and a love story slowly unraveled there, with a dash of comedy and spiced up with some tearjerker scenes.

A romantic rivalry erupted between Marcus and Kiko that caused misunderstanding between the families. How the rivalry was resolved was one of the touching scenes of the movie.
The plot was simple, yet believable and excellently portrayed. The scenes were smooth and can sustain the interest of viewers until the end.


The Performance of the Actors

The lead stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have come a long way from their cutie-sweetie roles in their first films. Although, Daniel Padilla has very few dramatic scenes, because his role was to be an optimist, he came out brilliant as ever in his crying scene. His acting was restrained and “silent” but you can feel the emotion pouring through his body language and eyes. He could truly act!

Based on this credible performance, one can predict that he can be the new Christopher de Leon of Philippine cinema. Director Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar knew how to bring out the tiger out of the cub from Daniel Padilla.

On the other hand, Kathryn Bernardo has also shown her talent by pitting her acting skills with no other than Lorna Tolentino, one of the noted drama queens of the country. Her acting was believable and sincere. Other lesser actresses would have been “swallowed” by LT’s presence, but Kathryn Bernardo held her own.


It’s a movie that is highly recommended for teens and their parents for a relaxing afternoon in the theater or at home. There’s a little of everything in it, nicely minced and mixed. It seemed short though, because more scenes would have been shot between the lovebirds and the mayor and his sons. In some scenes, the moviegoer is left to make his own conclusions about how the family relationships came to be.

But that’s just a minor setback to what the movie can offer – simple, fun and meaningful time at the movies with your friends or family members.


EDSA 2.22.2015 Rally Update

MANILA, Philippines – It was surprising that the big TV networks did not air LIVE updates of the ongoing rally last February 22, 2015. It was only in the evening that the news was aired. Hundreds of cops and uniformed personnel were there to “guard” the PEACEFUL people who were rallying.

Did those in charge send them on guard early on because of the fear that the crowd would swell to uncontrollable proportions? Where was this swift and prompt response during the Mamasapano massacre when the 44 Special Armed Forces were waiting for reinforcement?

The relatives of President Noynoy Aquino, Peping and Tingting Cojuangco were there to express their desire that their nephew PNoy should step down.

Why would PNoy step down? Read HERE why.


President Aquino PH

On to another topic, it seems government hospitals are now being privatized one by one, without the nation knowing about this. Kawawa naman ang mga walang pera. Saan na sila pupunta? (Those without money would have nowhere to go.) Why aren’t those in charge of the health sector saying anything?

Will we wait until everything is taken away from us? A week or a month more and we don’t know what else would be given away, without us knowing.

When will we ever learn?

EDSA 2.22.2015 Coalition Set to Stage Rally for Philippine President PNoy to Step Down

MANILA, Philippines – The EDSA 2.22.2015 Coalition is set to stage a rally on February 22, 2015 to call for President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) and his cabinet to step down from office.


Philippine President Aquino, rally demands for him to step down

Philippine President Aquino with US President Obama;  Rally on Feb. 22 demands for PNoy to step down


The rally to oust PNoy is scheduled on February 22, 2015, the same date that the People’s Power Revolution started that placed PNoy’s mother, Cory Aquino, in Malacanang.

Now, her son, PNoy, is receiving tremendous criticisms for the way he has handled the latest debacle of his government, the massacre of 44 Special Armed Forces (SAF) commandos by rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

Various groups from the academe and religious sector have demanded for Aquino’s resignation. A number of Netizens trooped online to express how they felt about his alleged incompetence.

Although, Ka Eli Soriano, the leader of the religious group, “Dating Daan” trended #NoyNoyPaRin on Twitter for a few days, the clamor for his resignation is longer and more consistent.

Recently, the Philippine president met anew with the families of the Fallen44 to dialogue with them. His answers to their questions, however, were not what they expected.
The government claimed that the dialogue has gone well; however, statements from the victims appeared to negate this.

One of the SAF windows expressed how dismayed she was of how PNoy responded to their questions. Reportedly, many of the SAF’s families were not satisfied with his vague answers.

Netizens criticized how Aquino mentioned the death of his father amidst the misery of the grieving families. Surely, the death of his father is not the issue in the recent SAF massacre.

Should the EDSA rally succeed, a coalition government will be established, and it will be headed by Chief Justice Maria Sereno.

Apparently, the Supreme Court doesn’t want to butt in because, according to them, it’s political.

The palace, though, has reiterated that PNoy Aquino won’t step down, but will wait for his term to be completed.

If you support this coalition, join the rally on February 22, 2015 at EDSA, and help the people establish a new leader.