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Prayer Before a Seminar

Let’s place ourselves in the presence of the Lord. (Pause for a few seconds)

Dear God, we offer everything to you during this seminar. May we ask for your blessing and divine providence that the activities set for this undertaking be successful and effective.

May we also retain the invaluable knowledge and learning experiences that we derive from this activity, for actual application when we leave this venue.

We pray that you bless all the committees in charge that they fulfill their tasks responsibly; that the objectives they have set may all be achieved.

Your generous blessing would mean the success of this seminar. We know that without it, we can do nothing.

May we be living witnesses of your genuine love, through the implementation of the knowledge acquired through this activity. Grant us your divine wisdom as we go about our daily task after this seminar.

This we ask in Jesus’ name, amen.

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