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“I Am Pogay” is One of Top Google Trends; “I Am Pogay Celebrity Edition” Plans Thrill Fans

I Am Pogay”, ABS-CBN’s new segment on “It’s Showtime” TV show, is one of the Top Google Trends for the past days. Plans of having an “I Am Pogay Celebrity Edition” has thrilled fans no end, as well.

#IAmPogay ABS-CBN@IAmPoGayABSCBN announces on Twitter:

I Am PoGay Audition: Mon-Sat 3-6pm AbsCbn Audience Entrance. Bring Valid ID, Pics, Audition Mats. Look for Danjosh Zacarias.

I Am PoGay Online Audition: Send Pictures & Contact Info to


The show is about gay men, who would pit talent with each other. The new segment, “#IAmPogay”, trended on Twitter, and started to trend again with #IAmPogayCelebrityEdition.

Fans could participate by doing this:

“Just tweet #IAmPogayCelebrityEdition (Followed by the name of your favorite celebrity)”

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