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Don’t Ask Me Why

By: Roy dela Cruz

Don’t ask me why I love you,
I just do.
I love you not because you love me back
I just do

Although I may not say it,
Sometimes It may not show,
But believe me,
I do

I love you not for the caring
Nor the thoughtfullness you’ve shown,
Not for being there
At times when I’m low!

Not for taking care of my children,
Not for making me a home
and not for being patient
of all my imperfections.

Please don’t ask me for reasons
’cause I don’t need them at all
Because loving you is itself the reason
And nothing else matters anymore

So don’t ask me why I love you,
Because I do.

Roy dela Cruz is one of the winners ( 3rd) of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009.

As I have kept mentioning, he has 12 blogs (not counting those at Multiply) namely:

Be Inspired Now!
Etsetera! Etsetera!
Kapampangan Blog
Money OnLine
more than just copy-paste
Roysville dot Com
Short Stories Blog
Subukan Taya Ing Kapampangan!
The House Of Puroy
The Struggling Blogger
The Struggling Blogger dot Com

Roy is now into poems and short stories, just like his blogging friend Doc Z . This passionate blogger is a versatile writer as evidenced by the different niches of his blogs: He has a business blog, a reflection blog, a random thoughts blog, and many more. He could be serious one minute and then crack a joke the next. There is always the satisfactory feeling of “Eureka” – the “aha” syndrome – when one gets to read his diverse posts.

I admire his natural propensity and ingenuity for writing; and most of all I salute him for striving hard to fulfill his one most significant role in this lifetime – that of being a good and responsible father to his three kids.

To Roy, I give you a standing ovation!

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