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The Video Aftershock

The tall, elegant woman greeted me at the doorstep.

“Are you Alex?“ She asked.

“Yes,” I said, eyeing her warily. “And you?”

“I’m Venus.”

What kind of a name was that? I thought, chuckling surreptitiously.
Women are from Venus and men are from Mars? Ha, ha, ha.

“Venus the Vampire, “she hissed as she bared her sparkling, sharp fangs at me.

I screamed and tried to shield my face from her advancing attack.…There was a loud thud…and then, I woke up.

The videos player was buzzing. I had forgotten to turn it off after watching that vampire movie… Horror movies are not for me. I always had nightmares after watching them.

I could not go back to sleep, so I decided to visit my favorite interactive site.

Forums and sites that promote interaction with other people in the World Wide Web community are very popular nowadays. is one interactive site that allows me to enjoy maximum interaction, easy accessibility to new blogs, posts and updated news, while controlling the information that I would like to reveal online.

I could also interact with various people and learn from them as they learn from me. The opportunity to increase my knowledge through other people is limitless.

The activity had calmed me down. I know I’ll be able to sleep soundly now.

It’s time for my beauty rest. Good night.

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